New EU “Cookie Law” – is it going to crumble?

You may have read about the new EU Cookie law that’s coming into effect this Saturday (26th May). The law states that cookies are only allowed on your site if a user expressly consents to their use. Fail to do that, and – believe it or not – you could be staring down the barrel of a hefty fine.

Does your site use cookies? If your website has a customer area, shopping cart, forum, advertising, Facebook “like” button (or any other Social Media sharing buttons) or Google Analytics installed, then the answer is “Yes”. What does this mean? Well, according to the Information Commissioners Office, who are tasked with enforcing the regulations, you could be faced with a £500,000 fine. Yes, read that again, half a million quid, for failing to add a popup consent box to your website!

The implications of this “fundamentally unworkable” law are immense, as they’re effectively criminalising 90% of UK websites. The law is an ass, they say, and this one is a doozie – it’s been described as a classic example of a law being created by clueless bureaucrats about something they just don’t understand.

Sounds scary doesn’t it? Hang on though, before you start panicking – if you’re a small business owner then it’s highly unlikely you’d be prosecuted, as the law is probably targeting the big guns. That’s not to say that it should just be ignored though, so it’s probably a good time to get in touch if you’d like us to audit your site and come up with a solution. This will take the form of a popup/sliding panel on your site asking for the users consent to store cookies (see the 45b homepage for an example). The result of this will be stored in the only method available, ironically, a cookie. So by obeying the law, you have to potentially break the law. See what I mean about being unworkable!?

If you’d like an audit of your site’s compliance, just get in touch - the solution is relatively low-cost, but the alternative – if the law stands – doesn’t really bear thinking about.

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